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Kamoni Angela Rose,
CEO & Head Designer 


Kamoni is solely conceived and designed by CEO and founder,
Justine Angela Miashia Kamoni Hammond II
Kamoni was born and raised in the run-down city of San Bernardino, California raised by her 15 year old single mother. Despite her unfortunate surroundings she always try to find the beauty in things whether it a the pink sunset skies, the beautiful flowers pushing through the sidewalk. Her grandmother would help escape her reality by showing her how to do her hair, watching the sky from her balcony and watching girly anime. Unfortunately after her grandmothers passing she moved to Moreno Valley where she was extremely bullied for her appearance, her love for anime and non-name brand clothing from the age of 12 - 15.  She wold isolate herself by sketching anime characters wearing stunning gowns she would vision. 
Once her mother noticed she enrolled Kamoni in sewing classes, but sadly after some time her mother could no longer afford the sewing classes. That didn't stop Kamoni she then would teach herself more advance sewing skill by taking her clothes apart and redesigning them, before there was YouTube and other outside sources. 
Eventually she made outfits for her classmates in high school in exchange for their lunch card. When prom came for Kamoni she was determined to make her prom dress. She was a complete show stopper by her breath taking gown, Kamoni knew the fashion industry is what she needs to conquer. Kamoni attended college but after 2 years she dropped out because of low funds. She began to network, sew and model her own designs and the Kamoni College was born. 
The definition of Kamoni is "A woman who knows what she wants and why she wants it." Kamoni is a brand dedicated to make the customer feel like the Belle of the occasion. And to provide extra confidence in their body no matter the size or society. Kamoni is a luxury brand that is more than just enhancing the appearance but to feel beautiful, powerful and confident. 
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